Dr. Annie Green
Assistant Professorial Lecturer, George Washington University
Principal, Institute of Knowledge and Innovation
Adjunct Faculty, Kent State University
Knowledge Management Practice Lead, Keane Federal Systems, Washington D.C.

Dr. Annie Green is a Knowledge Strategist/Architect and has led several KM initiatives. She has a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at George Washington University and a Masters in Information Systems (M.S.I.S) from George Mason University. Annie has over twenty years of experience in Information Technology (IT) and 12 years of experience in Knowledge Management (KM) and Business Intelligence. She has delivered presentations at professional seminars, conferences and international academic conferences as well as served as a panelist for local and international discussions on education. She is the author of “Framework of Intangible Asset Valuation Areas: The Sources of Intangibles within an Organization”, the lead editor for “In Search of Knowledge Management: pursuing primary principles” and is currently in process of editing a third book “Sustaining Knowledge Management (KM): Making It Real – adapting for success in the knowledge-based economy". She is published in several journals, as well as a contributing chapter author and editor in other books. She is an Associate Professorial Lecturer at George Washington University and Adjunct Faculty at Kent State University, the Knowledge Valuation Portfolio Editor for Vine Journal and an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Knowledge and Innovation (IKI). Her research efforts are focused on the development of two methodologies: 1) PLANT (Plan, Layout, Actualize, Nourish, Transition) a performance based Knowledge Management methodology and 2) BRAIN (Business Reasoning, Analytics and Intelligence Network) an intangible asset valuation methodology and measurement tool.

Dr. Denise Bedford
Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management, Kent State University

Denise Bedford is currently the Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management at the College of Communication and Information, Kent State University. Her responsibilities include: teaching foundational and elective courses in knowledge management, communities of practice, economics of information, semantic analysis, enterprise architecture, business intelligence, intellectual capital management and information environments. She is currently engaged in expanding the M.A. program and the future Ph.D. program in Knowledge Management, as well as outreach and support to the national and international knowledge management communities. Her current research interests include knowledge architectures and knowledge engineering, business architecture and business rules representation, document engineering and content architectures, multilingual architecture, search system design/architecture, semantic analysis methods, communities of practice, knowledge transfer, and economics of knowledge.
Dr. Bedford retired from the World Bank in 2010 where her responsibilities included development of the Bank’s core metadata and content type strategies, ontologies, taxonomies and the World Bank’s multilingual topic thesaurus, development and operationalization of the Bank’s semantic analysis technologies, enterprise search and content management architectures. She began her career at the Bank with the launch of the knowledge management initiative. Dr. Bedford's career also includes: NASA, Intel Corporation, Stanford University, the American Mathematical Association, the University of California, University of Michigan and University of Southern California. She is currently adjunct faculty at Georgetown University, and University of Tennessee where she teaches a variety of courses in information architecture, knowledge management, systems management, and semantic applications. She provides consulting support to the World Bank, USAID, UNICEF, and other organizations. Her educational background includes a B.A. triple major in History, in Russian Language/Literature, and in German Language/Literature from the University of Michigan; an Russian History also from University of Michigan; an M.S. in Librarianship from Western Michigan University, and a Ph.D. in Information Science from University of California, Berkeley.